Webcast - Improving Inventory Management with Infor ERP SyteLine Forecasting

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Carrying too much inventory wastes money…and carrying too little can result in lost sales or late shipments. But Infor ERP SyteLine Forecasting can help you right size your inventory in make-to-stock and make-to-order environments by forecasting sellable items or components.

This webinar will show you how to minimize excess inventory and shortages by improving your forecasting and inventory planning process. We will review the various inventory planning methods that can be used with SyteLine including MRP\APS, Reorder Point, and Lean\Kanban. We will also look at alternative ways to develop forecasts including statistical and collaborative methods.

Find out how to implement a closed loop planning process that compares planned demand and supply and compares your plan against what actually happened. See a demonstration of how the forecasting and inventory planning process can be automated by statistically calculating and monitoring the SyteLine “inventory drivers”, resulting in lower inventory and fewer shortages.

Learn how other manufacturers are eliminating the fudge factor and automating their forecasting processes with a solution integrated with their Infor ERP SyteLine system.

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