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Would you ever consider managing your order process manually? Never!

Would you ever manage your inventory on paper? Absolutely not!

Then why are you still managing your critical company documents manually?

Corporate accountability, regulatory compliance, and the overall explosion of information across the enterprise have transformed document management from a luxury to an essential business requirement. Automating paper storage, handling and delivery can save your company time and money, improves the work environment, and enhances customer service.

MaxRecall, the integrated and certified document management solution for Infor ERP SyteLine, is a ‘must-have’ tool for manufacturers because it provides:

Fast, efficient information access

MaxRecall helps organizations increase efficiency by replacing outdated manual document management processes with streamlined and centralized management of critical financial, customer and human resource information.

You can automate and improve the workflow of information, reduce time spent looking for information to address customer, operational or regulatory requests, and alleviate the administrative workload involved in managing paper files. The result is a faster, more efficient and less costly set of business processes.

Much more than store and retrieve

MaxRecall’s powerful document management capabilities deliver much more than simple store and retrieve functions. MaxRecall provides complete paper and electronic document management, including eWorkflow electronic document routing, web portal-based access for anyone with a web browser, and the ability to capture, store, index and cross reference large scale ERP reports as they are generated.

View this webinar to learn more about how document management can deliver real business benefits throughout your organization.

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