Webcast - Interactive eMarketing – Communicating To the Right Guest, At the Right Time, With the Right Offer

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What if you could easily push happy guests to share their comments online?
   Powerful tools to elevate your online stay rating and increase traffic

What if your guests could tell you in real time what they really need to enjoy their visit and you could react immediately?
 Interaction that increases loyalty and referral business

What if you could communicate with your guests immediately on any device with a last-minute special in the lounge, restaurant, or spa?
  eMarketing to boost your incremental revenue

Powerful Interactive eMarketing because you need more than just email confirmations and online campaigns. Make an impression with genuine emails that reflect your brand and personality.  Increase revenue potential with targeted pre-stay marketing and upgrade offers. Communicate with your guests during their stay with special on-property offers. Personally thank your guests from employees and departments where there was actual interaction.  Grab your guests' attention at the right time with relevant bounce-back offers and other campaigns. Provide a forum for guests to comment on their stay with easy tools to respond and react. Easily flip positive comments to positive online reviews.

Thinking you can do this in-house? You can, but is that where you want your revenue managers, marketing reps, and sales execs spending their time? Can they easily stay up with the trends and see what others in your market are doing? Why not supplement your team's great ideas with an industry expert, who does this 365 days a year, to keep your guest relationship and marketing strategy fresh and on target?

…and what if you could have all of this with a guaranteed 400% ROI per campaign?
It seems like a no brainer.

Please join Infor SoftBrands and our guest speaker from Digital Alchemy to learn how you can harness the power of your guest relationships to increase repeat business, grow incremental revenue, and improve your online stay ratings.

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