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Year-end close and open enrollment keeps your HR department hopping-no doubt about that.

But do you really need to spend your time managing mountains of paperwork and endless filing? Probably not, and that's where we can help. Infinium customers-who have implemented employee and manager self-service-save both time and money managing their year-end close and open enrollment periods.

"In recent years, our workforce has increased four-fold, but thanks to the efficiencies of the Infinium Self Service solution, we've been able to keep our HR staffing the same. Our processes are now so efficient we only need two people to handle all the benefit change requests for our 8,500 person workforce.  The solution is also playing a critical role in managing our paperless payroll initiative that is eliminating the cost of printing and distributing more than 200,000 paychecks each year."
Jean Ady, Supervisor of HR Systems, Lee Enterprises

"By implementing Infor HCM Infinium Self Service, Interface is saving more than $30,000 per year in postage, paper, ink, and staff time."
Lynne Yates, H.R.I.S. and Payroll Systems Manager, Interface, Inc.

So what will you and your employees do with all that time you'll save? Focus on more strategic initiatives across your organization. View this recorded webinar to hear how Infinium customers have found a better way to deliver benefits to one of their most important assets: their employees. 

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