Webcast - Why do Infinium Self Service customers look forward to year-end?

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Because it's much easier when their employees do the heavy lifting.

Our web-based solution allows employees and managers to access Infor HCM Infinium through our extended self-service solution. The same controls are in place-HR approves any changes-but now your employees can access and manage payroll, benefits, time, and personal information. By giving your employees and managers direct access, you'll cut costs, save time, and enable your HR team to focus on more strategic efforts within your organization.

View this webcast recording to learn how existing Infinium customers are successfully using Infinium Self Service to:

  • Provide employees access to HR information-24x7-to manage personal information, payroll, benefits, event changes, and time off

  • Conduct salary planning and performance reviews

  • Eliminate costly and inefficient paper-based systems with a solution that delivers a rapid ROI

  • Implement paperless W-2/T4 functionality

  • Learn how Infor uses this solution to manage over 9,000 employees worldwide

Year-end is fast approaching, so now is the time to leverage a solution that lightens your HR department's workload and allows for streamlined year-end processing. 

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Now is the time to streamline year-end processing by giving employees password-protected access to their current/historical W-2/T4 information-reducing the time and costs of printing, reprinting, and mailing W-2's and T4's.

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