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  • Tired of spending too much time gathering daily information from properties and not enough analyzing the information?

  • Or receiving the daily information on spreadsheets and not able to combine them into meaningful formats for comparison purposes?

  • Are you interested in consolidating properties' daily key performance indicators into manageable, meaningful reports without but concerned about the effort and cost to achieve it? 

If so, you will want to attend the upcoming webcast How to Automate your Daily Reporting to learn how to:

  • Access source systems' data

  • Combine data from non-standard formats

  • Save time and reduce costs of generating daily reports and analytics

  • Distribute the information to key decision-makers.

Infor's financial solution for Hospitality enables you to quickly design and deliver operational and management reports based on a single data source.  The software's intuitive, easy-to-learn toolset enables you to easily gain control over your financial information. With more than 2,200 hotel customers and a global network of dedicated partners and professionals with industry experience, Infor delivers the solutions of choice for the hospitality industry.

Bill Euler, a veteran in hotel back office operations and financial reporting, will show you how to automate your daily reporting.  Find out how you can focus on key operational information to improve profitability and competitiveness of your properties.

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