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Financial Reporting Standards for the lodging industry have been updated with the release of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, 10th Revised Edition (USALI).  We will help you to better understand the implications of USALI and how your hotels can benefit from compliance.

Many areas of the 9th Edition have been eliminated thereby creating a clear distinction in compliant versus non-compliant reporting.  Understanding the new standard will provide the framework for your organization to plan your compliance approach.

Don't get left behind!  Join us for this free webinar and you will learn how to migrate your chart of accounts/codes to USALI accounts. 

This webinar covers key areas of:

  • Definitions

  • Expense Account Changes

  • Employee Cafeteria

  • Salaries and Benefits

  • Operating Equipment - Balance Sheet

  • Due to/Due from Accounts

  • Expense Dictionary

Also, learn how to develop USALI compliant reports, and retain/roll-up custom reports.  Topics include changes to:

  • Summary Operating Statement

  • Rooms Department Reporting

  • Food & Beverage Department

  • Other Operating Departments

  • Minor Operating Departments

  • Undistributed Operating Expense

  • Fixed Expenses

  • Rations and Statistics

Make implementation easy!  See a demo of the tools available from Infor to fast-start your compliance. 

Learn how to easily integrate 3rd party reporting, forecasts and budgets:

  • FMS SunSystems

  • USALI Core and configuration workshops

  • Interface for mapping data from old to new cores

  • Interface/Automation tools for gethering PMS, time and other hotel system data for financial, statistical and daily reporting

  • Managed hosting services and portal report distribution

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