Webcast - The Future of iSeries- Infor FM & HCM Infinium

View The Future of iSeries -Infor FM and HCM Infinium

Duration: 60 Minutes

Expand upon what you learned in The Future of iSeries webcast and find out what Infor has in store for your specific iSeries products. Hear directly from David Vanheukelom, Product Manager for Infor FM & HCM Infinium, on how Infor plans to Enrich, Extend, and Evolve the ERP FM & HCM Infinium product. In this session, you will learn:

  • What recent enhancements have been done to your iSeries product.

  • What new products capabilities and integrations are now available to your iSeries product.

  • What is in store for your iSeries product in the future.

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