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The market is rapidly changing and hard to predict. Customer demand and product trends evolve quickly, and the company that keeps pace is the winner. One of the biggest challenges is to accelerate product development so that it moves as quickly as the market does. Infor’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions enable manufacturers to do that. You develop better, more successful products faster and more efficiently through online collaboration of everyone involved, from design to sourcing to sales.

Topic Title
Quality/Compliance How Process Manufacturers Are Reducing The Total Cost Of Quality And Compliance
  Regulatory Compliance Strategy Solutions For The Chemical Industry
  Managing Risks, Avoiding Recalls: How ERP Based Active Compliance Reduces Liabilities In An Era Of Global Mfg
  Practical Strategies For PLM Compliance: Reduce Risks, Cut Costs, Strengthen Profits
  PLM Solutions for Food & Beverage Manufacturers
Lean Manufacturing Agile & Lean: Powering The Process Enterprise
  Actionable Lean And Green PLM Tactics To Improve Profitability
  Be Leaner, Greener And Profitable Via Sustainable Product Design
  Process Manufacturers: What Can PLM Do For You?
Process Manufacturing PLM Solutions for Home & Personal Care manufacturers
  Extend your SAP investment with Infor10 PLM Process
  Avoid A Recall Disaster: What Technology Can Do To Save You
  How Process Manufacturers Increase Product Success Rates Through PLM
  Improving Profit Velocity In The Food & Beverage And CPG
  Order to Cash - Improving Promotional Management And Governance
  Infor10 PLM Process: “The Problem Solver in any Product Development Approach”
  Lean PLM For Process Manufacturers
  New Release Infor PLM Optiva 5.5
  Infor PLM Optiva EPAK
  Infor Process Essentials For Protein & Dairy
  Protecting The Brand With Product Lifecycle Management: A Special Web Event For Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  Profitless Products? Escape The Commodity Trap
  See What The Infor Optiva Web Client Can Do For You!
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