Webcast - Be Leaner, Greener And Profitable Via Sustainable Product Design

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Businesses are run to make a profit. How does the for-profit business mantra coexist with the growing wave of environmentally-oriented consumer preferences and demands?

Whether internally driven or customer driven; leading companies are finding the path, to Green or sustainability, to enhance earning capacity and reduce regulatory risks.  As an example, meeting mandates to reduce packaging content or reduce regulatory risks can directly reduce costs and improve product capabilities.

Today's business leaders have made a real and substantial commitment to those practices - Green or sustainability initiatives. Rather than attach cost reductions, compliance issues, product enhancements, etc., in a piecemeal approach; holistic approaches that leverage a single source of truth for product and compliance information can result in:

  • improve sustainability

  • minimize rework and time to market

  • reduce time to cost reduction and sustain benefits

  • reduce risks and improve product performance

  • improve resource utilization

  • drive top and bottom line results

The message is clear.  Profit and reduced risks await the environmentally conscious and responsible business.  See how companies are leveraging the core LEAN principles of waste reduction, lead time reduction and focus on the customer to drive incremental improvement.

Find out how enterprising manufacturers are capitalizing on this approach to improve sustainability and effectively manage compliance risks to turn compliance into a competitive advantage, protect brand equity and improve profitability.

Join us for an interactive session discussing product lifecycle management strategies that could help your business create social and financial value by going Green.

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