Webcast - Process Manufacturers: What Can PLM Do For You?

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If you are a food & beverage, specialty chemical, personal care, ingredient manufacturer or private label manufacturer, you can design products to improve margins and be greener while meeting customer and retailer demands. In extreme economic times, it is easy to become myopic and leave value or growth on the table.

View this webcast and learn how even during times like these, best-in-class companies are using PLM technology to:

  • Reduce materials costs, rationalize materials and dematerialize their formulas

  • increase the percentage of recycled package content and eliminate packaging content

  • model sustainability of full product lifecycles and become ISO14001 compliant

  • design label content for the 4 types of emerging buyer types 

  • design HAACP into product and processes

  • manage product portfolios to improve product success rates

  • increase collaboration to drive costs and improve quality

While they are improving the competitiveness of their products, best-in-class companies also realize tangible results such as:

  • on-time product launches are 98% or higher

  • productivity per professional is 50% or greater

  • substantiate more powerful claims

  • ensuring brand image and compliance

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