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In the face of rapid and accelerating commoditization, many manufacturers are getting crushed. Too often, they launch profitless products into unimpressed and unforgiving markets. They watch helplessly as global competitors seize the advantage.

Are you proudly and passionately releasing new products only to see them disappear in a pool of endlessly shrinking margins?  Then it's time to focus on the potential of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Come join us for this valuable webcast, Profiting from Product Lifecycle Management: How to Cross the Commodity Chasm, to learn how today's leading manufacturers are escaping the traps that lie in wait in today's hyper-competitive markets. You'll learn the:

  • Top 7 executive drivers behind PLM

  • Top 7 business priorities of high tech manufacturers

  • Top 5 demand-driven strategies necessary to thrive in today's markets

Find out how enterprising companies like yours are applying PLM to activities such as Market, Sell, Engineering, Procure and Source, Manufacture, Fulfill, and Service. Learn how to ensure your products are measurably enhanced by dynamic collaboration.

View this webcast now to ensure you can keep up with the ever increasing pace of today's markets while keeping costs under control. Don't miss this opportunity to profit and win!

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