Webcast - Regulatory Compliance Strategy Solutions For The Chemical Industry

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How 'green' is your Regulatory Compliance Strategy?

Chemical Processing companies have long been aware of the need for regulatory compliance systems to support the marketing and shipping of their products.  However, with the current intense focus on 'green' initiatives, many companies are now shifting gears from a tactical mode to a strategic one.  Having a pro-active and strategic focus for regulatory compliance can be vital in maintaining a competitive advantage in today's global markets.

Where is your company at today?  Where do you want to be?

Join us as we examine some of the critical aspects of developing an integrated compliance strategy across the lifecycle of your products.

We will take a close look at how available solutions can help you:

  • Manage your chemical approval process and raw material data 

  • Design for compliance and accelerate time to market 

  • Automate the generation and distribution of your compliance documentation

  • Adapt quickly to constant changes in the regulatory environment

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