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Performance Management Webcasts

Enterprising companies have found a better way to monitor, measure and manage their business.

These companies rely on Infor PM (Performance Management). Infor’s corporate performance management software combines feature-rich Business Process Applications, business intelligence software solutions and pre-built Business Specific Analytics, based on a powerful Enterprise Information Foundation. Together, they help companies link corporate strategy to operational plans and generate actionable business insights that are used to increase user productivity, control costs, and improve overall business performance.

Topic Title
Expense Management Are you “Best-in-Class”? A webcast with Aberdeen
  Keep a Watchful Eye Over Employee Spend— A Business Finance Webcast
  3 Ways to Automate, Reduce, and Eliminate T&E Spend
  4 Ways to Reduce and Prevent T&E Spend
  Control Your Company’s Destiny with Expense Management
  Infor Expense Management: Anytime, Anywhere
  New Features And a Special Offer for Infor Expense Management Customers
  New Infor Expense Management Fast Start Offering
  Small Changes in Employee Spending Behavior Can Reap Big Rewards
  Software Delivery Models for Expense Management – Pros & Cons
  The ROI in Automating Your Expense Management
  What’s the True Bottom Line of Spend Management?
Business Performance Aberdeen Webcast: Collaborative Business Intelligence: Harnessing the Extended Enterprise to Boost Productivity
  Key Financial Planning and Reporting Considerations for Manufacturing CFOs
  Get Easy Access to Clear, Accurate, and Actionable Information with Business Intelligence
  Forecasting Best Practices-
How to Improve Financial Forecasting, Planning Accuracy and Cycle Times
  Best Practices for Financial Consolidations and Reporting: How to Close the Books Faster and Ensure Quality Reporting
  Obtenha acesso a informações claras, precisas e úteis com Business Intelligence.
  4 Ways to Bridge the Lean Performance Gap
  Improving Business Performance in Distribution
  5 Steps to Becoming a CFO Wizard
  Deeper Dive: 4 Next Steps to Effective Planning and Budgeting
  From Spreadsheet Chaos To An Integrated BPM Application in Six Steps
  Planning and Budgeting for SMBs – Why Automating Is the Answer
  Plan Your Company’s Future with Eyes Wide Open
Product Infor10 Corporate Performance Management (PM10) Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting Overview
  Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting For The Enterprising Business
  Getting The Upper Hand Using Infor PM Planning and Budgeting
  Infor PM10 - See The Benefits You're Missing!
  Infor10 Corporate Performance Management (PM10): See what you’ve been missing
  Infor gains control with Infor10 Corporate Performance Management
  Better Performance Management with Infor ERP Syteline: Financial Reporting, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  End Spreadsheet Chaos With Infor PM Financial Consolidation
  Extending The Value Of Your Infor ERP With Infor Performance Management
  Financial Consolidation, Reporting And Analysis For The Enterprising Business Environment
  Financial Reporting - Beyond the Buzz
  The Value Of Planning And Budgeting With Infor PM Business Edition
  Time Lost Is Money Lost: How To Take Back What’s Yours
  Unlock Hidden Truths Trapped In Your Infor ERP
  Why Companies Using FRx Should Be Looking At Infor PM
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