Webcast - Improving Business Performance in Distribution

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How can distribution companies gain an edge?

Many companies juggle hundreds of spreadsheets to report and analyze operational and financial data. One incorrect merge or corrupted formula could have devastating effects.  We know that distribution companies, in particular, operate in extremely competitive environments where margins are critical. Without a dedicated system for performance management (PM), distributors are often reacting to, rather than proactively managing, their operational and financial performance. 

View this webcast recording to find out how distributors can be empowered to:

  • Gain insight into business performance at a consolidated level all the way down to the warehouse

  • Streamline the budgeting and planning process for greater efficiency, control, and accountability

  • Leverage predefined content that answers your critical business questions in areas such as sales, purchasing, inventory, warehouse, and finance

View this webcast recording to learn more about Infor PM and how it can help you achieve more visibility into your distribution company's performance.

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