Webcast - Infor Expense Management: Anytime, Anywhere

Capture your business travel expenses as you're getting out of a cab, waiting in an airport or finishing a meal. 

With Infor Expense Management, you can submit and approve expenses directly from your Internet-enabled laptop, cell phone, or PDA-anytime, anywhere. This solution provides a complete platform for automating, controlling, and optimizing the process of expensing and reimbursing travel and entertainment (T&E) costs.

Infor Expense Management also:

  • Captures out-of-pocket expenses and corporate card transactions
  • Monitors for policy compliance and alerts users if it finds errors
  • Automatically routes expenses to the next step in the process
  • Retains all detail information including exceptions and notes
  • Provides the same robust functionality and performance whether you're in the office or on a mobile device (including NO horizontal scrolling)

Your company can reduce the lifecycle of the T&E reimbursement process and improve productivity and employee job satisfaction by reducing time wasted on non-revenue generating tasks. 

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