Webcast - Small Changes in Employee Spending Behavior Can Reap Big Rewards

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You might be surprised by how often employees purchase goods and services without using a formal PO process.  And while most often it is for a nominal amount… if no one is watching, the cumulative effect can be detrimental to the company's compliance standards and ultimately to the bottom line.  

Though it doesn't make sense to mandate a requisition for things like utilities, business meeting meals, employee relations, office supplies and maintenance or temporary help— companies still need to know how much is spent on these activities and by whom.  

Infor Expense Management Payment Requests give employees an easy place to record and process these transactions.   View the webcast to find out how it:

  • Allows employees to issue vendor payments quickly and easily from the office or road

  • Increases business policy compliance and preferred vendor usage

  • Provides central tracking of all non-PO purchases

  • Delivers complete reporting and visibility

  • Includes global functionality

View this Payment Requests webcast— and see how small changes can make a big difference.

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