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Enterprising companies have found a way to ease the complexity of their financial management and reporting processes, eliminate the spreadsheet inaccuracies and chaos that plague their competitors, and fulfill regulatory compliance requirements on time and with confidence.

Join this webcast to see how the budgeting, planning and forecasting capabilities of Infor Performance Management Business Process Applications have helped companies like yours to create realistic budgets and forecasts and perform what if and comparative analysis against financial performance.

Infor PM Planning and Budgeting helps you test various combinations of targets, forecasts, key business drivers, and organizational structures within minutes to create realistic financial and operational plans. You can instantly see how a change in one variable affects others. See how you can use planning functionality to set top-down targets, create driver-based plans, produce pro forma statements, and review predictive analytics, all in a collaborative environment. You can comprehensively model your business and perform real-time scenario planning.

Learn how you can change a business assumption and then automatically recalculates the entire model, so you can focus on the actual plan instead of the math. With this solution, you can build in calculations, allocations, phasing, market factors, seasonality, and more. Working with a familiar Microsoft Excel interface and with information stored in a central, secure database, you retain productivity as well as achieve more control over the process and plan versions.

Infor PM Forecasting helps you generate statistically accurate forecasts without having to be a statistical expert, manage performance expectations, make tactical adjustments, and achieve performance goals. Discover how Forecasting enables you to quickly gather pipeline and other detailed information from your field sales organizations around the world, consolidate and analyze the information at a summary and detailed level, and compare the forecast to an objective, time-series statistical benchmark based on past performance, product trends, and seasonal patterns.

Attend this webcast to see how Infor can help your company integrate people and processes for effective performance management.

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