Webcast - Unlock Hidden Truths Trapped In Your Infor ERP

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As a customer using Infor ERP LX, BPCS, Baan, LN or PRMS - you know the solution is capturing enormous amounts of critical data about your business every day. But how easy is it to get to and deliver that data in a meaningful way?

Would it help you to be able to easily analyze asset uptime, productivity, inventory movement, quality, product demand, sales trends, supplier performance, material costs, product margins, shipping effectiveness and warranty claims as just a few examples?

View this webcast to find out how you can access this critical performance information via the web from multiple angles and levels of detail, accommodating the specific needs of different users.

Unlock hidden truths for your company and generate a fast and sustainable return with an integrated solution that offers:

  • Rapid deployment and improved data integrity through pre-built integrations

  • Pre-built dashboards and reports that reduce IT dependency

  • Automated alerts that warn of business events or changes

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