Webcast - End Spreadsheet Chaos With Infor PM Financial Consolidation

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If you're frustrated with an inefficient and painful process of manually consolidating spreadsheets to review financial results and create reports…take 30 minutes, listen to this Webcast and consider the possibilities.

Infor PM Financial Consolidation works with all databases - Infor's and our competitors, to provide you with the consolidated information you need to quickly make informed decisions.  One of our customers reduced their databases from 37 to 1… can you even imagine the benefits?

During this 30 minute webcast,  find out how Infor PM Financial Consolidation:

  • Improves data integrity

  • Embraces compliance directives

  • Allows you to close books quickly and confidently

  • Supports multi-currency, multi- hierarchy, multi-rate sets, multi-anything

  • And gets everyone away from spreadsheet chaos to work from one version of the truth.

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