Webcast - Time Lost Is Money Lost: How To Take Back What’s Yours

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The pressure to pull a relevant company plan and budget together has only increased.  You need the information faster and it has to be right… no exceptions. But if you're relying on spreadsheets and trying to manually track who submitted the latest version-you're losing time you don't have to spare.

Find out how Infor PM Planning and Budgeting gives you the means to get your job done better and faster.  And gives you the confidence to know:

  • formulas stay in tact between iterations

  • audit trails preserve individual actions

  • everyone is working from one version of the truth

  • and if markets dictate a reforecast-you don't have to start from scratch

Take 30 minutes to see the product in action and decide for yourself if you'd rather spend time analyzing the data… or chasing it.

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