Webcast - Infor ERP Adage 5.6: A look at Costing

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There are several improvements in the standard cost area. We have simplified the process for creating, maintaining, and analyzing standard costs, and we have provided the ability to include more detail in the system when developing those costs.  We have also included the ability to include crews on routes for those clients that want to develop resource rates based on crews and/or machine hours.

Adage 5.6 includes an enhanced resource booking frame to improve and significantly reduce the time it takes to complete that function.  

Adage 5.6 also allows for the creation and saving of multiple "what if" cost scenarios in order to analyze the effects of changing certain cost criteria, and then to select a desired cost scenario and make it the current standard.

View this webinar and see:

  • How to create routes using crews, throughputs, and efficiencies

  • How to include Process yields on formulas

  • A demonstration of the enhanced resource booking frame

  • How to create save and analyze multiple costing scenarios

  • How to convert a saved costing scenario to cost type 2 (standard)

  • How to selectively roll up/over costing events

  • A demonstration of enhanced Cost Drivers

  • The simplified process for creating multiple standard costs

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