Webcast - Agile & Lean: Powering the Process Enterprise

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Process Manufacturers are under severe pressure. They are pressed to implement lean strategies and principles. But their complex product mix and shared equipment represents a critical hurdle to accomplishing their objectives.

In order to reduce lead times and waste, they must implement solutions that are specifically adapted to the needs of Process Manufacturers.

Come join us for this insight-packed webcast, Lean Leverage: The Agile Future of Process Manufacturing, to learn how forward-looking manufacturers are actively addressing their customer's objectives and driving profitability to new levels. Find out how to:

  • Achieve lean benefits in a complex product mix environment

  • Reduce time to market by 50% or more

  • Meet service level agreement with less inventory and increased cash flow

Learn how enterprising Process Manufacturers are setting themselves apart and setting new standards for impressive performance.

View this presentation to ensure you know the secrets of today's top Process Manufacturers.  Don't miss this opportunity to seize the competitive high ground!

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