Webcast - Avoid a Recall Disaster: What Technology Can Do To Save You

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How much does one recall really cost?

Not only will you need to address the monetary implications-averaging $20 million-but also the customer impact. A recall can reduce shareholder value by 7% or more. Just one recall can ruin your reputation and impact both short- and long-term revenue-even lead to bankruptcy.

Now is the time to be proactive and protect your company and your brand. Using technology, you can develop a more holistic product safety strategy and avoid recall disasters in the future.

In this webcast recording, you will learn how companies can leverage their investment in ERP or quality systems to:

  • Detect contaminations or other potential risks

  • Automate work processes and track mitigation status

  • Manage the process of risk assessment and corrective actions that might include a recall

  • Integrate preventative actions into work processes

  • Provide transparency to all stakeholder and to the CEO

  • Design HACCP into development and change-management processes

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