Webcast - Optimizing Value - Putting the “O” Back Into Process S&OP

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Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) processes are critical to becoming demand driven and achieving best in class results. Using Infor Process Essentials, S&OP value can be continually improved and optimized.

As part of integrated S&OP process, customers can:

  • Collaboratively develop an optimized demand plan

  • Minimize inventory by 10% or more while meeting service levels

  • Use optimization functions, to minimize supply risks and provide the lowest total delivered costs

  • Improve agility and increase return on assets

  • Improve perfect order rates, minimize costs and WIP

During this webcast recording, you'll discover how customers are increasing the value of their S&OP processes with process industry optimization and achieving best in class results while minimizing CAPEX and increasing their return on working capital.

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