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Did you know that a recent AMR report indicated that 61 percent of surveyed organizations were most concerned with user adoption and support?  In practical terms, it means that a large majority of our clients aren't realizing the full benefit of their Infor PLM Optiva investment because their end users are ignoring or misusing the technology. EPAK is a solution that accelerates the use of an Infor solution while reducing the cost associated with developing and deploying end user training.

Effective end user adoption is the single most important factor in application benefits realization.  View this seminar to see how EPAK can:

  • Increase user adoption

  • Reduce training costs by 50 to 90 percent

  • Provide a sustainable way to address current and future training requirements

Discover how EPAK supports multiple learning style and language to fit the different learning needs within your organization. See how it addresses your documentation, training and support requirements for your Infor applications— while reducing content development time and minimizing end user training time.

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