Webcast - Protecting the Brand with Product Lifecycle Management: A Special Web Event for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

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Consider the impact of recalls on food and beverage companies in recent years.  The pet food recall in North America due to tainted, low cost material that was sourced abroad,  the ground beef recall that recently forced Topps Meat Company to close their doors after 67 years, or the boycott of Ben and Jerry's because supplier "caged" egg production was not in keeping with Ben and Jerry's social responsibility corporate code.

These are just a few of the costly repercussions a company can face during the course of doing business.  Join Infor and Cadbury-Schweppes for this Webcast to learn how Infor PLM, our "best-of-breed" Product Lifecycle Management solution for the process industries can help your company protect your brands by dealing with the risks of:

  • Product recalls

  • Lost consumer confidence

  • Lost market share

  • Tarnished corporate image and brand equity

  • Fines and citations

  • Crippling lawsuits

  • Expensive audits

Such risks can be smartly managed.

Find out how enterprising manufacturers are capitalizing on this approach to incrementally improve and effectively manage compliance risks to turn compliance into a competitive advantage and protect your brand equity.

This Webcast will reveal key action steps you can take to implement a risk-based compliance program and a single source of the truth for all product data in your organization. Sign up now.

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