Webcast - How Process Manufacturers Increase Product Success Rates through PLM

How Did Coca Cola, GE Plastics, and Campbell’s Soup Capitalize on PLM?

“Campbell’s goal is to be the most innovative and agile company in its markets. As our first truly global IT solution, Optiva PLM enables us to bring products to market faster while reducing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance.”

--Joseph Spagnoletti, Vice President of IT, Campbell Soup Company

Process manufacturers have generated astounding results through their investments in PLM solutions. They have competitively differentiated themselves in highly contested markets, while reclaiming their position as product innovators.

Come join us for an insightful webcast, How Process Manufacturers Increase Product Success Rates through PLM, where you will learn how process industry executives like you are taking their companies to new levels of success. Find out how they deliver:

  • 50% improvements in R&D productivity
  • 30% increases in new product introductions
  • 70% reductions in product specification development time
  • 85% savings on labeling costs
  • 45% reductions in direct materials used

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