Webcast - The Benefits of Demand Planning for Process Manufacturers

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In these tough times, Infor Process Essentials provides process-specific supply chain solutions used daily to drive down costs, improve cash flow, and increase return on working capital. Getting better products to market faster and optimizing assets to more profitably meet demand has allowed many companies to better meet customer needs and increase market share.

This webinar series will highlight how customers are thriving in these challenging times and are poised for a more effective response to the inevitable economic upswing.

During this webcast recording, we'll take a deep look at Infor SCM Demand Planning and demonstrate how users can predict and shape customer demand with greater accuracy. With an accurate picture of demand, you can drive production, inventory, distribution, and buying plans across your operations. The result is a single, global view of the "truth" that provides the foundation for your sales and operations plan and helps you achieve measurable service improvements.

Infor's demand planning solutions help companies like yours:

  • Improve forecast accuracy by 20% to 40%

  • Increase on-time delivery performance by up to 20%

  • Slash inventory investments and increase turns by 15% to 30%

  • Reduce obsolescence by 15%

  • Lower production costs by as much as 20%

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