Webcast - Supply Chain Success Strategies for the Chemical Industry

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With historical drops in demand and capacity utilization, the cyclical chemical industry is increasingly impacted by the demand dislocation, input cost volatility, and migration of production to lower cost countries. So you've cut costs and capacity. Customers and suppliers have been lost, acquired or gone out of business. Cash has become king.

How quickly and profitability can you react to this continuing demand, supply and price volatility?

The new norm points to increased unpredictability. As the economy starts to heal, what you are doing to position yourself to improve revenue, capture more market share and potentially enter new markets? While being constrained by the financial realities of 2010, can you put your company on firmer footing and be ready to grow profitably?

Attend this webcast to see how available solutions can help you:

  • Improve demand management to improve service levels with less inventory, improve cash flow and increase profits

  • Gain visibility into true customer and product profits, so you can make strategic product allocation decisions and improve margins

  • Reduce supply risks to reduce stock outages while minimizing total cost to service customers and improving cash flow

  • Use CTP and ATP to improve customer services to increase agility and profitability

  • Use optimization to meet short-term demand fluctuation while minimizing production costs and reducing stock outages

How agile is your company?  Where do you want to be? Join us as we examine some of the critical aspects of developing an integrated demand and supply optimization strategy to meet today’s realities and build a strong base to seize future opportunities.

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