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The pressure is on to accomplish even more with the resources and manpower you have. With Infor Hansen extended modules, your operations continue beyond the office and beyond typical office hours. Give your agency the ability to accomplish far more than you thought possible using Infor Hansen extended modules.

Provide your agency with the e-power of 24x7 citizen access to do business online. Infor Hansen Dynamic Portal is a public-facing, web-based solution that provides your agency's customers with secure front-end connectivity into the Infor Hansen application to conduct business transactions wherever there is an Internet connection. Dynamic Portal incorporates your agency website's look and feel and provides a quick, easy, and integrated solution for government agencies to facilitate and broaden citizen-to-government access via the web.

Topics covered in this session include the following:

  • Dynamic Portal overview

  • Technical overview architecture

  • Dynamic Portal product roadmap

  • Dynamic Portal - customer service demonstration

  • Dynamic Portal - building permits demonstration

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