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Execute mobile inspection practices in the real world

What if you could use a mobile inspection process out in the field, where your real maintenance work is performed?

Public sector agencies are unique, but in many more ways they are the same. Business practices around work order creation and execution tend to follow a very similar flow. Data collected about infrastructure assets tend to be unique, but the actions taken with that data typically surround similar principles of sustainability, prolonged life, compliance protection, and safety. The most common principle is mobility-real asset management work is not done in an office, it's done in the field. Learn how Infor EAM can help with its core solutions and advanced features like Advanced Mobile. Join us to learn how the processes of work management, asset management, and inspections are brought together in a mobile inspection program. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), one of Infor EAM's premier customers, will show how they achieve the benefits of Infor EAM Work, Asset, Inspection, and Mobile modules, working individually and together.

You will come away with an understanding of bottom line improvement you will realize from your infrastructure investment when multiple business practices are combined in a real-world environment.

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