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Hansen licensing and cost recovery: Changing the game

Agencies are responding to increasing levels of reporting and accountability. Citizens expect quality services and reasonable fee structures. Delivery of public sector services is challenging in today's environment. New fees, taxes, and legislation are not viable.

Infor Public Sector Essentials' Hansen licensure solutions provide government agencies with an integrated management software suite designed for the unique requirements of government agencies. The Hansen solutions were designed based on years of partnership with many leading government organizations. We understand your unique requirements for citizen service.

View this webcast and see how the Hansen solution will help your agency manage and regulate all phases of occupations, professions, and businesses under your jurisdiction by:

  • Providing 24/7 web access for online renewals

  • Increasing productivity and efficiency

  • Reducing paperwork with a more environmentally friendly option

  • Improving voluntary compliance

  • Capturing lost revenue through automation

  • Recovering costs incurred in code enforcement and compliance actions

The Hansen solution offers the latest in information technology and advanced features, ensuring your investment with a scalable application that will grow with your needs.  Hansen features:

  • Citizen access for licensing applications and renewals

  • Mobile inspections

  • Licensee investigations and complaint tracking

  • Community notification and postings

  • Scheduled hearings and inquiries

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