Webcast - Infor Hansen CDR: Application Consolidation: Cutting Costs And Improving Customer Service In Anchorage, AK.

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The Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska, has delivered one of the most successful examples of application consolidation in recent years. In Phase I of their project to consolidate the Development Services business, Anchorage was able to realize labor savings of $758,000 per year in code enforcement alone, achieve project ROI in just over 12 months, and improve their customer service ratings by 62%. As the national discussion on IT consolidation heats up for state agencies, cities, and counties, increasing numbers of government CIOs are shifting their focus on the often-overlooked discipline of application consolidation.

Join the Center for Digital Government, Government Technology, and Infor in this on-demand webinar as we analyze this project and the global trends that made it so successful. By viewing, you will participate in a master class that covers:

  • National trends on budget, technology, and management that affect consolidation

  • Survey results and key insights from top state, county, and city CIOs

  • Strategies and tactics that allowed Anchorage to trim $758,000 of labor costs, empower citizens with self-service capabilities, and improve service delivery

  • Pitfalls that some jurisdictions are falling into by ignoring the essential role of applications in any consolidation initiative

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