Webcast - Infor Hansen CIS Billing - Managing Your City's Most Scarce Resource: Who Owns The Water Meter?

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Wise observers have said "your water meters are your cash registers," but the importance of effective water system management has never been higher.  As cities around the nation grapple with increased demand, limited supply, and tough financial pressures, they are increasingly looking to technologies to close the gap.  Fortunately for us, a combination of proven technologies and 21st century know-how can meet the challenge.

Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government and Infor Public Sector bring you this webcast on best practices in water system management, in which you will learn:

  • Why many cities are only tracking 70% to 80% of their total water usage, and how that can be improved to 100%

  • How leading municipalities like New York City, Johannesburg, and San Antonio capture more revenue and make more efficient use of their scarce water resources

  • How an integrated approach from the meter through billing and asset management is critical to success

  • Why leading jurisdictions are improving customer service and revenue at the same time

  • Which environmental benefits come along with improved process efficiency

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