Webcast - Integrating Hansen Asset Management and NASSCO/PACP CCTV Field Inspections

View the Integrating Hansen Asset Management and NASSCO/PACP CCTV Field Inspections Demo

Learn how maintenance of wastewater systems can be more easily managed

View this important webcast to find out how you can view and manage your sewer asset inspections within Hansen Asset Management to make accurate decisions regarding re-inspections or rehabilitation through asset indexes.

You will come away with a better understanding of how Hansen Asset Management can incorporate data from your CCTV inspections and integrate third-party solutions for improved data collection and data management for wastewater systems, including:

  • Providing a source to quickly determine necessary preventative maintenance work activities

  • Selecting possible types of rehabilitation materials and methods

  • Providing an inventory of all sewer inspections: structural, O & M, manhole, etc., together in one database, with attached relevant notes, images, video captures, and more

  • Implementing initiatives such as CMOM and GASB-34

View this webcast to see how you can more efficiently allocate your budget by engaging in standardized processes and using new technologies for collections systems data collection and management.

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