Webcast - Infor Hansen CIS Billing Receivables Management For Business Licensing And Case Management

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Given the myriad of demands that are placed on your agency to do more with less, you need a billing solution that is both flexible and accurate so you can fine-tune your operations, minimize operational costs, and maximize revenue while maintaining customer satisfaction.

If you own a business license, case, or permitting system today, how do you invoice your customers? For code enforcement violations, is your system flexible enough to allow you to generate bills? When it's time to renew licenses, who manages the task? Getting the invoice or bill out is one thing; managing outstanding receivables is another thing entirely. 

With the Infor Hansen software solution, we offer a new feature that is not currently available from any other permitting/licensing/case management software provider. We give your agency the ability to have a fully integrated billing engine to help you manage both your current and late receivables seamlessly. Whether you own Hansen 7, Infor Hansen, or a third-party system, this webinar will show you how you can make your billing operations perform better than ever.

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