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When Billing Department staff are asked, "what's a permit and why is it important to you," the answer may not be immediately clear. You know citizens and businesses apply for permits, for permission to dig in the right-of-way or install important infrastructure. You know they're required by law and seem to require lots of paperwork and processing.

Billing Department staff often believe this process belongs to Engineering, where they might have a Computer-Aided Design System or Geographic Information System to assist management of the underground pipes. The Building Department often has a permitting system; however, these systems are not the focus of this webinar. We will introduce you to permitting systems that are built for the specific, business requirements of utilities. An integrated CIS Billing system can positively impact your future revenue stream, by enabling you to quickly and easily add and manage new customers. Some types of permits that we will discuss are:

  • Water/Sewer taps

  • General construction permits

  • Utility service agreements

  • Underground storage tanks

  • Excavation permits

  • Conservation permits

  • Impact fees

By adding integrated Permitting & GIS capabilities, your CIS Billing system will be better equipped to manage on your revenue stream and business process activities. If you don't have an integrated system, you are swimming against the current.

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