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Government agencies like yours have been tasked to provide ever-increasing and more efficient services to their citizens, even in the wake of reduced revenues. To meet these demands, agencies must proactively find ways to do more with less.

Infor Hansen 8.2 is here, and the time has never been better to step up your Hansen v7.x system. Web browser-based Infor Hansen streamlines your workflow, and is customizable to perform the way you need it to perform.

With Infor Hansen you will realize:

  • Lower support costs

  • Easier and more robust integration capabilities

  • New management tools

  • More powerful reporting

We will show you our proven, best practices approach to migrate from Hansen v7.x to Infor Hansen. We will provide an overview of the migration process and discuss key success factors to ensure a smooth migration.  We will also share our product roadmap, including features slated to be introduced into Infor Hansen over the next three product releases.

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