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The pressure is on to accomplish even more with the resources and manpower you have. With Infor Hansen extended modules, your operations continue beyond the office and beyond typical office hours. Give your agency the ability to accomplish far more than you thought possible using Infor Hansen extended modules.

Moving information back and forth between the office and the field has traditionally been an inefficient, error-prone process. In the past, pencils and paper-based forms-with lots of clarifying telephone calls-were the only available tools. Even the promise of wireless access from field computers has proven unreliable due to slow connection speeds and intermittent connectivity.

Hansen Mobile Solutions brings the data and workflow of your Infor Hansen deployment to the field-in a way that makes sense for your field users, and is fully functional regardless of network connectivity. Users view their assigned activities, review activity information and history, and record their work against the activities. Infor Hansen Mobile Solution means no more end-of-day data entry by field users or desk staff.

Join us for an overview of the Infor Hansen Mobile Solution product offerings: Infor Hansen Mobile Solutions for CDR (permitting and inspections) and Infor Hansen Mobile Solutions for Assets (asset and work management). Learn about the features that make Mobile Solutions an integral component for carrying out your agency's field-based activities.

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