Webcast - How Distributors Can Unlock Profit Potential With Demand Planning

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For many distributors, rising customer expectations, tighter margins and higher logistics costs in an environment of more products, more complexity and more choice are placing great stress on their effectiveness in understanding, predicting and shaping demand for products.

Many distributors are using ERP solutions with varying degrees of planning and scheduling capabilities, these systems may not be up to the challenge — lacking the speed, flexibility and responsiveness to manage their increasingly complex supply chain environments. Distributors are asking the question: "Can demand planning unlock new profit potential for my business?"

Attend this webcast to find out how Infor SCM Demand Planning enables distributors to predict and shape customer demand more efficiently. Advanced statistical capabilities combined with market knowledge gained from internal and external collaboration bring pinpoint accuracy to your demand plans. Giving you a single, global view that provides both the foundation for your sales and operations plan and helps you achieve measurable service improvements.

See how distributors are using Demand Planning to:

  • Improve forecast accuracy up to 20-40%

  • Increase on-time delivery performance up to 20%

  • Slash inventory investments and increase turns by up to 15-20%

  • Reduce obsolescence by up to 15%

Can your company achieve similar results? Find out where your company can use Demand Planning strategies and technologies to unlock new profit potential.

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