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How important is demand planning to customer service and inventory investment?  Recent Aberdeen research finds that discrete manufacturers need to institute a consensus forecasting process, rather than just statistical forecasting, as the driver for demand management.  Aberdeen used three key performance criteria to distinguish Best-in Class organizations:

  • 96% average customer service level

  • 36 finished goods inventory turns per year

  • 91% average forecast accuracy at product family level

View this one-hour webcast that looks at the common characteristics Best-in-Class performers share and how you can implement them in your organization:

  • A single view of the consensus forecast

  • Input from multiple roles within the organization - executive management, manufacturing, sales and marketing

  • Forecasts allocated down to the SKU level

  • Demand collaboration expanded to key customers

  • Performance tracking at the SKU level

See how Infor SCM Demand Planning allows you to predict and shape customer demand more efficiently. Advanced statistical capabilities combined with market knowledge gained from internal and external collaboration bring pinpoint accuracy to your demand plans. It enables you to improve forecast accuracy, which, in turn, drives more responsive customer service with lower inventories and reduced obsolescence. Learn how other companies like yours who have transformed their businesses with effective demand planning.

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