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Do you find your business under stress from rising customer expectations, tighter margins, and higher logistics costs in an environment of more products, more complexity, and more choice? Can you truly understand and effectively predict and shape demand for products?

Many distributors and manufacturers are using enterprise resource planning solutions with varying degrees of planning and scheduling capabilities, and these systems may not be up to the challenge. They lack the speed, flexibility, and responsiveness needed to manage increasingly complex supply chain environments. Many are asking whether demand planning can unlock new profit potential for their businesses.

View this on-demand webinar to find out how distributors and manufacturers predict and shape customer demand more efficiently with Infor SCM Demand Planning. You get advanced statistical capabilities combined with market knowledge gained from internal and external collaboration to bring pinpoint accuracy to your demand plans. You'll get a single, global view as the foundation for your sales and operations plan, so you can achieve measurable service improvements.

This on-demand webinar looks at the common characteristics best-in-class performers share and how you can implement them in your organization:

  • A single automated view of the consensus forecast

  • Input from multiple roles within the organization: executive management, manufacturing, sales, and marketing

  • Forecasts allocated down to the stockkeeping unit (SKU) level

  • Demand collaboration expanded to key customers

  • Performance tracking at the SKU level

  • Optimized inventory by calculating target stock and service levels using "what-if" planning

  • Stock replenishment at exactly the right place and time

Implement best-in-class processes and find out how your company can use demand planning strategies and technologies to unlock new profit potential.

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