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Food safety and brand integrity are two things that are keeping CEOs up at night. While investments in reactive lot track and trace can minimize the cost of recall, companies still rely on largely manual processes to detect and mitigate product safety and brand integrity. Even for the manufacturers who are doing things to the letter of the law, overreliance on manual processes will not meet pending 24 hour regulations.

With potential impact to your brand equity or potential company viability risks, can you afford to ignore this opportunity?  In this webcast, you will learn how companies can leverage their investment in ERP or quality systems to:

  • Detect contaminations or other potential risks

  • Automate work processes and track mitigation status

  • Manage the process of risk assessment and corrective actions which might include a recall

  • Integrate preventative actions into work processes

  • Provide transparency to all stakeholder and to the CEO

  • Design HACCP into develop and change management processes

Rather than ripping and replacing your existing systems, learn how you can protect your brand and meet pending 24 hour notification laws.

The vast majority of manufacturers care deeply about food safety and understand the consequences of even an inadvertent error. It can kill a brand, bankrupt a company and even land executives in jail. Worst of all, it can hurt people, and that kind of a breach of trust is hard for a brand, or a conscience, to overcome.

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