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Problems and opportunities present themselves in your organization every single day. In either case, proactively pushing information to those who need it is key. Is your new customer's first shipment going to be a part or two short? Let them know and inform your sales rep the moment it happens. Did a big sale just come in? Notify the department heads and the people who worked to make it happen. Were you waiting on an out of stock product? Let the buyer and CSR know when it comes in.

In a complex business environment, reactive reporting isn't enough to improve your business processes. You need to respond in an instant and send information when it happens…you need Infor Event Management.

Infor Event Management is designed for companies that want to deploy real-time exception management across their enterprise, monitor transactions as they occur and automatically respond to any user-defined exceptions, issues, or opportunities. This solution enables you to send real-time information to upstream and downstream stakeholders, take appropriate action to resolve issues and track events on a centrally accessible website.

In this webcast, you will see how your company can reap benefits from using proactive, real-time event management to:

  • Keep customers in the know about order status

  • Improve delivery performance

  • Solve issues before they become customer service

  • Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and homeland security legislation

  • Uncover root causes of issues and take corrective actions

  • Improve cash flow

  • Provide order status information to all your partners

  • Improve teamwork and collaboration

  • Stop hand-scanning reports for discrepancies

  • Get out of the office and on to the floor, interacting with your employees

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