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Ensuring that supply consistently meets demand is critical to your business.

That's no simple task when you need to:

  • Determine the optimal number, location, and size of facilities

  • Develop enterprise-wide sourcing strategies

  • Balance manufacturing, inventory, and transportation trade-offs

  • Keep an eye on costs across your entire supply chain

Finding solutions to distribution network issues can be elusive and costly if you can't accurately analyze and evaluate the impact of potential changes. If you make change recommendations without understanding the impact on cost and service, you risk incurring unnecessary operating expenses and making unneeded capital investment throughout your supply chain, as well as possibly reducing service to key customers.

This recorded webcast will show you:

  • The importance and value of supply chain design

  • How to incorporate network design and time-phased supply chain planning to facilitate better decision-making on facility location, capacity, transportation, and product allocation

  • How to model and review network design options before implementation, and establish a solid framework for tactical and operational supply chain execution

NFI Industries, one of the fastest-growing integrated supply chain solution providers, to shares how several of its customers have cut supply chain cost by implementing distribution network changes.  They present case study examples of optimizing networks and developing strategies to sustain a strong, highly competitive supply chain.

If you think your supply chain might be ready for a makeover, view this recording now to learn how leading companies are taking advantage of strategic supply chain network design to drive profits and performance in their operations.

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