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Ensuring that supply consistently meets demand is critical to your business. But that’s no simple task when you need to determine the optimal number, location, and size of facilities; develop enterprise-wide sourcing strategies; balance manufacturing, inventory, and transportation trade-offs; and keep an eye on costs across your entire supply chain.

To help you synch complex supply chain operations, Infor SCM Supply Chain Designer offers advanced analysis tools to model and review network design before implementation and establish a solid framework for tactical and operational supply chain execution.

Our webcast will show you how Supply Chain Designer incorporates strategic network design and time-phased supply chain planning to facilitate decisions on facility location, capacity, transportation, and product allocation. You will see how Supply Chain Designer can generate a fast return on investment through:

  • Streamlined supply chain operations

  • Reduced time-to-market

  • Increased market share

  • Evaluation of strategic decisions through simulation

  • Shortened sourcing cycle times

    If you think your supply chain might be ready for a makeover, then join us to learn how leading companies are taking advantage of strategic supply chain network design to drive profits and performance in their operations.

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