Webcast - Designing A Superior Distribution Network: A Roadmap To Success

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Finding solutions to distribution network issues can be elusive and costly if the proper approach is not taken towards accurately analyzing and evaluating the impact of potential changes to the location and capacity of manufacturing, distribution, and transportation assets. To meet the challenges of expansion, competitiveness and risk, companies need to continually evaluate and strategically align these assets. But recommendations for change made without understanding the impact on cost and service can result in unnecessary operating expenses and capital investment throughout your supply chain, as well as a potential decrease in service to key customers.

During this webcast, Fortna, an Infor supply chain consulting partner, will outline a proven roadmap for distribution network design and strategy that can enable your company to minimize operating costs and tax burden, maximize customer service and improve flexibility. Using the Infor SCM Network Design application, Fortna takes an iterative, balanced process to evaluate people, assets, processes and systems to determine the answers to key business questions:

  • What are the key service metrics our distribution network must meet within each channel?

  • How can we optimize mode, carrier and service selection at each facility to minimize freight costs?

  • What is the optimum number, location and types of facilities needed throughout the network?

  • How can we deploy and rationalize inventory levels at each site?

  • Where are our opportunities for improvement in costs, taxes and asset utilization?

  • What enabling technology is needed for management, execution, and visibility?

See how one company has identified opportunities to reduce North American supply chain cost by $800,000 to $1,200.000 per year by implementing distribution network changes. Find out how Network Design, used as a system or service, can provide similar opportunities for your company to reconfigure your network to sustain a strong, highly competitive supply chain.

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