Webcast - Can Your Supply Chain Be Lean — And Green?

Can Your Supply Chain Be Lean — And Green? Demo

Designing Your Supply Network to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Ensuring that supply consistently meets demand will always be critical to your business. It's no simple task to determine the optimal number, location, and size of facilities; develop enterprise-wide sourcing strategies; balance manufacturing, inventory, and transportation trade-offs; and keep an eye on costs across your entire supply chain. Along with those traditional supply network design problems, your company may also be looking at reducing carbon emissions. Many enterprises have re-worked their networks to drive down costs, but often low costs come with increased greenhouse gases.

Infor SCM Network Design has been enhanced to model the relationships between carbon emissions and other supply chain costs. Understanding this relationship will be key for companies concerned with their environmental reputation and their continued profitability. Attend this webcast to understand how your company can address some key questions:

  • How can your company demonstrate a commitment to environmental concerns and increase bottom line profitability at the same time?

  • If you re-design your network to achieve a lower carbon footprint, will other supply chain costs increase?

  • Are you concerned about future carbon taxes and quotas that might need to be factored into your supply chain costs?

Find out how Network Design can improve both financial and environmental performance. During the webcast, you will see how to enhance supply chain operations while considering the environmental impact — and related bottom-line effects — of your network decisions and actions.

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