Webcast - Extending Your Infor SCM SupplyWEB Solution

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Time and money are at a premium in today's economy, especially in the Automotive sector. Many automotive companies are or will be in the process  of restructuring to meet the challenges of tightened marketplace and ever more demanding customers.

If your company is seeking to optimize its current investments to enable your employees to do more with less, attend this webcast to learn more about extending your Infor SCM SupplyWEB solution.  Did you know that SupplyWEB has modules to perform the following manually intensive processes?

  • Supplier Managed Inventory

  • Kanban

  • Premium Freight and Global Track and Trace

  • Billing

  • Outside Processing

This is just a small sub-set of the added capabilities that can increase the value of your SupplyWEB solution. Our webcast will provide a complete overview of all the modules that you can use to increase your efficiency and compete more effectively in today's fiercely competitive and demanding Automotive market.

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